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History of Kashmir as told by a Kashmiri pandit 0

The true history of Kashmir as told by a Kashmiri Pandit

It is amazing how the world lives in ignorance and how a particular community that supports terrorists simply ignores facts. Yes, written records are meant to be facts when they constitute history.

You just need to listen to the store narrated by this Kashmiri pandit and you will be amazed how intricately the history of Kashmir has been preserved without ever being corrupted.

Quora Question Why is the RSS Antinational 0

My answer to: Why is RSS antinational? on Quora

How can someone think that the RSS is an anti-national organization? It must be the thought of either a congress man who prides on his pseudo secular ideology or an AAP supporter who prides on the backtracking of all allegations made by their supreme leader. These people should stop blindly following their leaders or party. Learn to take anything at its true value rather than taking it at its face value. If you start doing that, the nation will be full of people who think and act for its betterment.

Fake facebook profile and friend request 0

How to save your nation using facebook

If you accept friend request from such profiles, you make these profiles look genuine and prompt your real network of friends to accept friend request from such profiles too (as your profile is shown as a mutual friend of that profile). This is how they are able to cast their net wider and devise ways to hurt the country from the inside.