Email Security – Was my Yahoo mail hacked?

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I received an email today from a friend whom I don’t know. Well, it was not a friend, but my own yahoo email id, and yes, I do not know myself so well. The security of My Yahoo mail ID was compromised and it was hacked and used for sending out Spam Mail. How to choose secure password. How to secure your email ID.

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The Kandahar Massacre, what it means for US Afghanistan Relations

US troops have been stationed in various parts of Afghanistan since they were sent there first to find Osama Bin Laden and avenge the killing of thousands of innocent civilians in the 9/11 attacks on the WTC in New York, by the then US President, George W Bush. Thousands of lives have since been lost on both sides of the War Against Terror. Has the purpose of the US troops’ presence in Afghanistan been solved and have the relations between the US and Afghanistan become friendly and one of trust.

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Changes in Google’s Privacy Policy – why so much hue and cry

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Starting the March 01, 2011, Google’s privacy policy for all its products for free users have been clubbed to make a single privacy document. Google’s take on this is that, they wanted to make the privacy policy statement and document easier for the customers and more simplistic.

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