Month: February 2012

  • creative Imagination – how to develop

    Creativity is the mother of invention. And that is what is taking the world by storm in the near history. Invention in the true sense is creating something that was not present in the past. And that is possible on by the imaginative powers an individual possesses. So, only creativity or only imagination can not be the abilities on which one can reach the pinnacles of success. You need an amalgamation of both, i.e. Creative Imagination.

  • Why I use Google search and not Bing

    Google search is the first choice of almost all net surfers. There is a reason behind it, and the reason is better and more accurate search results and suggestions. Whereas Bing comes nowhere near Google Search’s features and usability.

  • Sony Ericson is becoming part of Sony – what does it mean to Sony Ericson customers

    Sony Ericson recently announced that the mobile business will be acquired by Sony Corp and will become its solely owned subsidiary. Well, what it means for the millions of Sony Ericson customers.

  • Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage – Pirated software warning

    Can you imagine any production you bought from a company being termed as a fake by the same company, and that too when you have been using it for years. Normally, this would not be a possibility at all. But, that is possible in the world of IT and better say proprietary software. The software company that sold the software to you may after some time tell you that the software you are using is not genuine and hence you should go online and validate for it’s genuineness. Well, in most cases this will not happen, unless the software is written by Microsoft.

  • Twitter webpage layout changes yet again

    Twitter seems to be undergoing a massive modernization and change drive as far as the layout of the home page goes. Once you login to your twitter account, you would find a major overhaul done on the layout and the arrangement of the various sections of the twitter page.