Entrepreneurial or Workaholic – What type of Blogger are you

Are you an Entrepreneurial blogger or you blog like a workaholic ?
Are you an Entrepreneurial blogger or you blog like a workaholic ?

After having worked on my blog for almost two years now, I have come to a very fundamental understanding about the choices of bloggers, about how they wants to work on their blogs. I have been blogging in my spare time after my 9 to 5 job. So, you can understand how difficult it would be to get some precious little time for my passion, that is blogging.

Although it has been an on and off thing, I have been more consistent lately. And in the course I have been able to write some articles that have lots of useful information.
(I do not want to praise myself, but that is what it is – useful information).

I had been blogging like a workaholic

So, during all this blogging in the spare time, I found out a phenomenon that grabbed my attention. I had been working on my blog for so many months without getting any good response from the online crowd. And then I realized, there must be something wrong in the way of my working for the blog. I found out that I had been working like a person who indulges in physical labor without giving a thought to all the whys and how’s of the work.

So, in plain English, I have been working on my blog like a workaholic. Well, a workaholic is someone who has no identity beyond their work.

There is so much more to life than what you do for a living, right ! It is about the relationships you develop and nurture. It is about social impact in your community. It is about the growth and learning you experience. It is about living every day with the same passion that you would expect the best day of your life to be guided by.

But are bloggers workaholic by nature?

We are creative by our very nature, it’s in our genes. Applied intelligence equals creativity. Intelligence takes on many forms. So this creates a new question:

Where is your definition of a workaholic more likely? One living in passion or one living in isolation and fear?

So, you are en entrepreneur – if not, better be ready to change

The True Entrepreneur is one that I witness their values, passion, and whole way of being aligned with what they do. In this way, the entrepreneur is just being. The business, the vocation, the passion, the purpose, the values, interests, etc. are all a part of who the individual is.

Externally, in my opinion, no one could casually observe a difference between a workaholic and this entrepreneur. However, the individual knows. Deep down inside, the answer is known and typically the individual blogger will turn away from acknowledging that truth and rationalize sticking to their tried and true behavior. The tried and true is comfortable. To admit the truth requires change, and, change is uncomfortable.

The general assumption is that bloggers welcome change in their external environment and are capable and open to change. Unfortunately, for most the relationship to the inner self is one of fear; there’s a whole can of worms that gets opened when we start doing the inner work. Knowing this, on a gut level, our subconscious quickly reverts to the tried and true. It’s hard work to change.

Being an entrepreneurial Blogger – a balanced life is the key

The good news, is that most bloggers have the ability to see what is happening around them. This ability is what makes entrepreneurs visionary go-getters. And so the bloggers are entrepreneurs in their own right. The only thing is they need to acknowledge this fact. However, this does not exempt entrepreneur bloggers from getting caught-up in their blogging activities to the detriment of a well-balanced life.

A well-balanced life is more powerful than the hard work that you put into your blog. A well-balanced life feeds the brain, the spirit, the emotions, and the body. In creating the space for relationship, recreation, and rest, the benefits experienced will offer stronger focus, greater creativity (beneficial for bloggers who concentrate on writing articles based on the theme of problem-solving and decision-making), greater self-esteem, and mental/emotional/physical health. Knowing this, they have to make the choices.

If incorporating a well balanced life could help you achieve the same results at your work or blog, by devoting less amount of time than you currently do as a workaholic, then why not agree to the fact that entrepreneurial blogging is the best way to go ahead.

The other thing entrepreneurs have difficulty with is learning when to say, “No.” and when to say, “That’s enough.” This applies to bloggers as well. Most often, after a new conquest, a new experience, a new peak, and new challenges, entrepreneurs get all that energy too caught up in their work. This may lead to things that you fear the most. Instead, split this energy to have a well-balanced life. Achievements in the personal relationships, blogging and other work related activities will be far richer than they currently are.

The achievements in your blogging activities will always be there, once you start following a well balanced life like an entrepreneurial blogger. Rather than working as a workaholic and spoiling the fruits of your success, stop and enjoy what you have already achieved. This will give you a boost of energy for getting ahead in life as well as taking your blog to greater heights.