Month: June 2011

  • Blogging Success: – Is it Business Blogging or do you own a Blogging Business

    Do you blog for a business or do you own a blogging business? What could be the reason for me starting a blog post with such an ambiguous question. Well, I am not here to play word games. There must be some reason for me to even conceptualize this question, right! Yes, there is a purpose. This is something that should grab the attention of all those professional and amateur bloggers out there too as it did mine. Yes, the link and relation between business and blogging. There was no link between the two a few years ago. But now the bonding seems to be getting stronger and stronger by the day.

  • Blogging Success: – Do You have a strong enough purpose for your Blog? Here are top 7 reasons for blogging

    You for sure need to find out the purpose of your blog. Having a purpose for doing something only makes it more important for your to keep doing that thing. I recently wrote and article titled – “What is the motivation behind your blog?”. Well, a strong enough purpose for a blog can also act as a motivation factor that can keep you going on the path of blogging that sometimes can be too boring and make you feel lonely. Find out a purpose that would satisfy you and also be good for someone out there who reads your blog. Then only can one find the perfect combination for being a successful blogger.

  • Did you Grab the Google +1 Button for your Blog or Website ?

    I got an email from Google announcing the availability of the Google +1 Button for non-Google websites and Blogs. I had requested for an invite for the same whenever it comes alive. And here it is. This post deals in how you can incorporate the Google +1 Button on your non-Google sites and blogs.

  • Tuubol Blog Monthly Wrap Up 1- May 2011

    This is the first time that I am going to do a wrap up of all the posts I had done in the month before. So, here you have the wrap up with summary of all the posts of May 2011 and some notable developments around the world in technology, web and some other stuff. This posts consists of the summary of all the blog posts I have made during the month of May 2011 in the categories Blogging, Technology, Web and other stuff.