Month: May 2011

  • Google +1 button – the Buzz around it on Blogs

    There had been lots of noise in the blogosphere just after the launch of the Google +1 button. There were several articles by some famous blogs and most of them had something or the other to say about the search results appreciation system that Google announced way back in March. The launch was discussed form […]

  • Blogging Success:- Top 5 Reasons for Blog Failure you never knew about

    Hundreds if not thousands of blogs are launched everyday including those on all the free blogging sites like Wordpress and blogger. But how many of them are able to garner a list of readers who visit them regularly or subscribe to their posts through RSS or email. Well the answer to this question will be, only a fraction of them do. Only a fraction of all blogs launched and running have subscribers in thousands. And so is the rate of success of blogs. So, to be successful at blogging, we need to avoid falling in the trap of these following 5 things.

  • Blogging Success: Impulsive Blogging Disorder- reason why most Blogs fail

    The blog is a result of an impulsive reaction to what we come across. And this is one the reason behind the start of more than 90% of blogs. And most of the blogs thus started go down as fast as they had propped up. I would term such a situation as an Impulsive Blogging Disorder. —- — So, to become successful at blogging continuous blogging is a must. There must be consistency in the blog posts and one should avoid the tendency to write and article on impulse if their blog is not a news opinion blog. And if you are stuck in such a cycle and want to come out of this then the best way is to make a blogging schedule and stick to it. Please comment if you find this article useful.

  • Is Your blog driving you CRAZY ! 5 Questions to ask your self for better Blogging

    But even after doing all those things that seem to be correct on the face value as they are recommended by the so called Blogging Gurus, you might find yourself thinking about many aspects of your blog that do not seem to be doing as they ought to be. This is a situation I don’t think any blogger would ever like to face while they want to be successful at blogging. You know that you are doing most of the things correct as advised by still do not get the desired results. Why could that be? Could it not be better if you knew in advance the things that could drive you to such a situation?

  • LEAN BLOGGING: – How to do 5S for a Blog

    LEAN BLOGGING: – How to do 5S for a Blog

    This is just an introduction of how and where 5S can be helpful in blogging and how it can help us improve the overall reading and exploration experience of our readers. More will come soon. In the mean time please feel free to comment about how you liked this article. The Lean Blogging series brings in a new perspective of thinking about improvement in the overall experience for readers and subscribers of blogs.