The blogger is safe but what about the blog ?

You must know by now if you have read my previous post that my blogging had almost come to a standstill after some technical issues faced by my domain. Basically it was being warned as being a carrier and spreader of malicious code that may harm your computer. But after doing detailed search on google I found out the solution and got my blog up and running. My blogging had almost come to end after facing these difficulties. But I restarted with the same vigor and passion.

It was alright that I started blogging again with the same enthusiasm and continued doing so for a few days, unaware of the fact that there was greater trouble in store for me and my blog. This time it was going to be a question of life and death for my blog. Continue reading “The blogger is safe but what about the blog ?”

Death of the blogger in me.. No Way !

Taking forward my earlier post I would like to share with you, all the emotions that I went through in the days when my blog was down due to the malicious code notification by google. As you know google gives a malicious code notification for websites that contain code that may harm your computer.

This created a huge problem for visitors to I think almost all the regular visitors must have got this notification the next time they typed the url in the address bar of their browsers. This notification tends to create a general feeling of fear among people as it comes from one of the most trusted names on the internet. So, people generally avoid visiting such websites that are notified to be carrying malicious code.

Drop in the number of visitors due to Malicious Code Warning

The result within two days of this notification was that the number of visitors to my website shown on my WordPress Dashboard by WordPress Stats reduced drastically. The traffic was so badly affected that the number of visitors on the second day of the notification went down by 80% and by the third day the number of visitors had come down to 5% of the peak traffic my blog had seen just a couple of days ago. to see the fall in the number of his admirers and followers is a very disheartening thing to happen to anyone who loves what he does . And that is exactly how I felt during those days. I felt like I was sinking into a hole from where was no coming out.

Summon the fighter within

I contacted my domain registrar and hosting provider for a way out of this, but they was no immediate help forthcoming. So, It became clear that I was on my own. Although I felt like this was the end of my blog and my writing, I summoned all the strength within me to fight myself out of this situation. I started to carry out frenzied search for a way to get out of this black list that google had subjected my blog to. Finally I got the solution to the Malicious Code Warning on google itself. Then after concerted efforts and being awake till late in the night (this is the only spare time I got after my full time Job as Production Manager in a garment manufacturing company) I was able to get my blog off the Malicious code black list. was up again free of any malicious code and free for its visitors to read the articles without any fear of harming their computers.

My battered self esteem was up again and the blogger within me took relief but that was only for a few days.. that is for my next post. Keep reading..

Stopped Blogging ! – Malicious Code warning ?

As I have already discussed in my earlier post that I had stopped updating my blog at around August of 2009. And later the same year the blog went dead. The blog itself was not available on the net. This was a very devastating thing to happen for the writer within me. Some events at my then job also added to dampening of my spirit of writing on a regular basis. This not only reduced the frequency of writing but I completely stopped writing anything new.

I am writing this article to convey to all of you out there the difficulties a person having a stable full time managerial job in a well to do company (even during the economic recession) may face in blogging. It goes to such an extent the his blogging activity not only becomes irregular but is halted completely. Continue reading “Stopped Blogging ! – Malicious Code warning ?”

Restarting my blog after a gap of 15 months – feels good

revival of a blog
I am restarting my blog, it feels like rebirth

Hey fellows I am back again after a gap of more than 15 months. This is the first time that such a thing has happened to me. I started the blog, maintained it with considerable sincerity but it got lost some where.

But I do remember exactly what all things transpired during the months of August and September in 2009 that lead to the blog becoming extinct. The problems were of different nature such as technical, financial and social. As I am back now I will try to continue writing as frequently as possible. I will first write about matters that were of my concern that lead to the blog being stopped. Then I will go on to write about the stuff that you have liked so far.

Let us begin the journey from where it ended earlier..