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Can your blog survive the economic recession? 2

Can your blog survive the economic recession?

Companies have been failing apart around the world due to the effects of the economic recession although some of those fallen financial giants happen to be behind the sudden entry of this unavoidable catastrophe. Yes, the economic crisis created by some faulty financial planning and economic decisions by top managers of some of the largest financial institutions around the world have contributed to the cause of the economic crisis.

How can blogging help during the Economic Recession 0

How can blogging help during the Economic Recession

what should the common man do to ward off the effects of recession on their jobs and lives. One of the ways I think will be suitable for most people is to start their own blogs and start writing about the effects and changes the recession is bringing to their lives. The term ‘economic recession’ is a very popular search term on google now a days and has been so for a long time now. The google trends graph indicates that this trend will continue this way for a long time in future too. Hence I would suggest people with sudden and recent job loss or reduced working hours to grab this opportunity. The term has been gaining popularity in the recent past and has now reached high volumes on Google.

Who says “Web 2.0”  is dead ! 1

Who says “Web 2.0” is dead !

Although the term Web 2.0 did not signify any technological breakthroughs or any other such things, it had garnered a huge support from the buzz word loving web community and I feel it is going to stay for much longer times as he himself says Web 3.0 is still trying to play the catch-up game.