Social impact through public policy making in India – food security ordinance

Food Security Bill / Ordinance 2013
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Food Security Bill / Ordinance 2013
Food Security Bill / Ordinance 2013

Isn’t it a surprise for you all that I am writing on a topic that concerns with social impact? Well, although none of the articles till now on have been directly dealing with subjects that could bring in some positive social impact. In the wake of the ongoing discussions in the print, electronic, and social media about the issue of the Indian government bringing in an ordinance for the food security bill, the thought of the reason for which the issue was selectively picked up by the government has been bothering me. After all, the Indian populace is facing countless problems and most of them are related to poverty. The central government has brought in the Food Security Ordinance to implement food security for the poor in the country. If you look from the angle of a social activist or a pro-poor thoughts, you will find no problems in the government bringing in the law using the ordinance route. But, why was that done when there is a functioning parliament raises a multitude of questions. Continue reading “Social impact through public policy making in India – food security ordinance”

Poverty Line in India, a game of fooling the poor

Poverty Line in India 2013
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Poverty Line in India 2013
Poverty Line in India 2013

The hottest topic of discussion among all Indians recently has been, the definition of the poverty level  in India. It has turned out to be the most debated topic in the country among the political parties. This debate is the result of the recent publication of the definition of poverty level by planning commission of India. The planning commission is chaired by the Prime Minister of the country and is led by Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia. According to Indian Planning Commission: those who spend earn more than Rs 33.3 per day in cities and Rs. 27.2 in rural India are above the poverty line. So in monthly income terms, a family of 5 living in cities earning Rs. 5000 per month and a family living in a rural area earning more than Rs. 4000 per month are above the poverty line. What it means is that those families are able to meet all their ends on a daily basis. Well, that is what the planning commission of the country and a commission. Continue reading “Poverty Line in India, a game of fooling the poor”

Depreciating Rupee is a “Beat or Treat” for India

Depreciating Indian Rupee against US Dollar
Depreciating Indian Rupee against US Dollar
The Indian Rupee has been depreciating against the US Dollar

As we keep our eyes focused on the trend of the depreciating Indian Rupee, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the downfall in the currency of the world’s largest democracy that till recently was also one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Now even the thought of the exchange rate of the Indian rupee against the US Dollar gives me shivers as I can no more be sure of what the rate will be after a few minutes from that moment. Jokes apart, let us see if the falling Rupee is bad for everyone who has to transact with the currency, or are there also some positives to people and organizations.                                    


What is “Depreciating Rupee?”

While I was writing this article, my sister overlooked what I was doing and asked me how can the Rupee depreciate? Continue reading “Depreciating Rupee is a “Beat or Treat” for India”

Technology in Logistics – Google glass as a audio and display device

Usage of Google Glass in Logistics
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Google glass has been a topic of discussion for close to a year now since its very public display and demo by one of the Google founders Sergy Brin. It is nice to see videos (since I am not one of the few lucky people who got to spend $1,500 /- to get their hands on the developer version of the Google Glass) where Glass performs some actions based on the voice operated commands that the wearer delivers in his own voice using simple language of daily use. Glass take a picture, Glass search for this, etc. are the applications that have been shown way too many times now by the way of multiple videos. The question that I am

Usage of Google Glass in Logistics
Usage of Google Glass in Logistics

pondering upon here is that, can Google glass be used for useful application in the Logistics Industry? Can it help simplify and improve the efficiency of the daily work a logistics executive does in a warehouse or any other setting for that matter? Well, here are a few ideas; –

 Google Glass in a warehouse

Voice operated and light operated pick and stack systems have become quite common in the logistics parlances now. Most of the large scale and sophisticated warehouses around the world are using technologies like Pick to Light  and Pick to Voice for guiding their staff to perform their pick operations that involve the following steps: –

  • Get information about the item that is to be picked
  • Find out the information about the location of the item in the warehouse
  • Find out the best and shortest way to reach the location where the item is located
  • Reach the place
  • Scan the location of the item
  • Pick the item
  • Scan the item (s)
  • Scan the trolley carried by the picker
  • Move on to the next item being that is to be picked up
  • Follow the same cycle again till all the items to be picked in the pick cycle are picked
  • Move on to the packaging area and hand over the items for packaging and further processing


So, how can Google Glass help in any of the tasks? Let us take it step by step. The unique thing about Glass is the list of inbuilt technologies it has. Glass has the following features inbuilt: –

  1. Mobile device:- Glass has almost all the features of a basic mobile phone, e.g.,
  2. Head mounted display in front of the wearer’s eyes:The head mounted display in front of the wearer’s eyes can be used to display the information related to the product that is to be picked. Information like the item name, location of the item, quantity to be picked etc. can be displayed. The display can also be used to show the way to reach the location of the next item that is to be picked.
  3. Built in audio device via bone-conductive speaker technology. Additional inputs if required can be passed on to the picker wearing the device.
  4. Connectivity to the internet
    1. via smartphone using Bluetooth tethering
    2. Via Wifi by transfering the Wifi connectivity information to glass using QR codes or via the web control panel for Glass. Source:
  5. Turn by turn navigation (Need to explore the possibility of in building navigation – using custom built app). I will be a great feature to have. Navigation inside the compound will be a great feature to have. Although Google maps is undertaking an effort to map insides of famous buildings, it will be better for business to make their own maps for their own facilities so that to enable employees to work more efficiently.
  6. Take pictures  – use the camera to either read barcodes or QR Codes. Item that are picked and the locations that the picker picks the items from can be scanned using the inbuilt camera. An app for that purpose will have to be built or found out.
  7. Send and receive messages. Communication between the employees for passing on any information can be taken care of by the messaging facility chosen by the organization.

All of these needs and features need to be explored in greater detail to make Google Glass in Logistics a possibility. It can solve a real business problem by providing the basic platform for providing such services. One question that is pertinent to all the above possibilities and assumptions is that, will Google be able to launch the device as a consumer product for the mass market? This is very necessary for Google Glass to be successful and for different types of usage of the device other than the simple Google glass that is being talked about as of now.

I will talk about the possibilities in more detail in the next part of the article.


Automobiles manufacturing the traditional way – watch “Ultimate Factories – Lamborghini”

Automobiles manufacturing - ultimate factories - lamborghini
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Automobiles manufacturing - ultimate factories - lamborghini
Automobiles manufacturing – ultimate factories – lamborghini

Recently I came across this video on Youtube – published by National Geographic as part of their series on Ultimate Factories. This video is all about the way the world famous Lamborghini is manufactured. This one interesting automobiles assembly line i thought I should share with you all.

I have posted the video below. This is just amazing how they assemble the Lamborghini…. Take a look.

creative Imagination – how to develop

Creativity is the mother of invention. And that is what is taking the world by storm in the near history. Invention in the true sense is creating something that was not present in the past. And that is possible on by the imaginative powers an individual possesses. So, only creativity or only imagination can not be the abilities on which one can reach the pinnacles of success. You need an amalgamation of both, i.e. Creative Imagination. Continue reading “creative Imagination – how to develop”

The true history of Kashmir as told by a Kashmiri Pandit

History of Kashmir as told by a Kashmiri pandit

The true history of Kashmir narrated by a Kashmiri pandit.

It is amazing how the world lives in ignorance and how a particular community that supports terrorists simply ignores facts. Yes, written records are meant to be facts when they constitute history.

You just need to listen to the store narrated by this Kashmiri pandit and you will be amazed how intricately the history of Kashmir has been preserved without ever being corrupted.

Watch the video for yourself…

My answer to: Why is RSS antinational? on Quora

Quora Question Why is the RSS Antinational
Quora Question Why is the RSS Antinational
Quora Question Why is the RSS Antinational

Before starting to answer this question, I would like to make it clear that I am not a member of the RSS as of now and never have been either.

Now, first of all let us define the terminology that has been used in the question.

What does RSS mean: The literal meaning of the acronym RSS is Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh that means the National Selfservice Organization. You see, the stark difference between the meaning of the original words in Hindi and the meaning after it is translated to English. The meaning of RSS in English itself includes the word national within it. So, if we try to understand what the philosophy, ideology, and motto of the organization would be based on the literal meaning of its name, we would come to the simple conclusion that it must be an organization of people who would be trying to devote their precious time and efforts towards activities of service towards the nation. Mind you, here, the nation means India, i.e. Bharat mata in the wording of a RSS member. For more information about RSS, you can visit their website Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh .

Who can be called a nationalist: Without looking at any dictionary or encyclopedia, if I understand the meaning of the word nation, i.e. a nation state that came into being during the last few centuries, exactly around the 15th centuries, means a landmass ruled by an entity called government that has a well defined boundary, language, constitution etc. Now, someone who irrespective of living within the boundaries of that nation, thinks for the betterment of that nation, in terms of what he or she considers to be good in his own view, may be considered to be nationalist.

So, after having defined or understood both the terms on which your question is based, we can come to the conclusion that the RSS thinks that it works for the nation and so, calls itself a nationalist organization. Now, your definition of what is good for the nation may be different from what the RSS thinks is good for the nation, but it doesn’t give you the right to call them anti-national. If you do so, well, they may called you an anti-national as well, because you may not fit into their definition of what kind of behaviour, activity, ideology etc. is considered nationalistic and what is considered anti-national.

Now how to find out in real if they are nationalists or anti-national

Well, as Rajiv Malhotra of the Home – Breaking India book fame says, ours was a culture of Poorva Paksha and Uttar Paksha. One had the right to do Uttar Paksha only if he had done a thorough Poorva Paksha of that person or ideology. So, if you really want to know if the RSS is an anti-national organization or not, you need to understand the philosophy and ideology of the RSS in the same way as a RSS pracharak does, so that, you can argue in favor or against it in the same way or as good as a RSS pracharak does.

Now, the ball is in your court. Are you ready to do a Poorva Paksha on the RSS?


Who is behind this question?

How can someone think that the RSS is an anti-national organization?  It must be the thought of either a congress man who prides on his pseudo secular ideology or an AAP supporter who prides on the backtracking of all allegations made by their supreme leader. These people should stop blindly following their leaders or party. Learn to take anything at its true value rather than taking it at its face value. If you start doing that, the nation will be full of people who think and act for its betterment.

Update 1:

Since this question that earlier read “Why is the RSS considered anti-national”, has been reworded as “Why is RSS considered antinational even though nationalist people like Godse have RSS barckground?”,, I am writing an update to my answer as well.

If a fringe element goes out of the ideology of the organization to which he is associated, can the whole organization be accused of following the same ideology?

Well, I had to ask this question, since, it is a matter of public knowledge that Nathuram Godse, who at one time was a RSS worker, had murdered Mahatma Gandhi. It is also known that the RSS doesn’t advocate violence, so, it is a well established fact that, Nathuram Godse had long digressed from the core ideology of the RSS. Now, since he was associated with the RSS at one point of time, and he murdered Mahatma Gandhi, can we accuse the RSS of following the same ideology as him. Are you kidding, or should I say have you become the scion of the Nehru Gandhi family, you know who.

Let me give you an example. Let us assume you have a few brothers in your family. One of your brothers becomes directionless and commits a heinous crime that I would not even like to spell here. Would you consider your whole family to be of the same mindset? I believe if you are a sane person, you would not. You would even hate it if some other people who are not part of your family, consider your family to be like your brother. Your family would most certainly must not have anything to do with the crime committed by your brother. So, similar can be the case for the RSS too.

I will again like to bring to your notice that, please do not get sucked into the propagandist machinery of the congress, the left parties, and the corrupt media that has sold its soul to the family that considers itself the ruler of India. Wake up and see the evil designs these people have in their minds to break India and divide the Indian people.

This article was also published on Quora.

How to save your nation using facebook

Fake facebook profile and friend request
Well, the title of the post may look weird or funny based on your perspective, but, I am pretty serious about this topic. Yes, if we behave as informed and attentive netizens, we can prove to be responsible citizens as well. In this post, I am not going to talk about the following:
  • How to spread awareness about social issues
  • How to spread the idea of nationalism among your friends and family on social media
  • How to be active contributors to the debates going around on social media about various social, economic, and political issues

Through this post, I am going to highlight one aspect of national security, and as to how we as responsible netizens can contribute towards making our nation safe. Please read through the article and give it a thought and try to practice it yourself and spread the idea among your friends and family. So, here it goes…

The menace of unsolicited friend requests from strangers of the opposite sex

I recently received a friend request from this facebook profile that has the picture of a western lady. If you are not critical of unsolicited friend requests on facebook, you might just think it to be a random profile and a casual friend request from a normal person. The profile on the first look gives the impression of an average facebook profile and may not arouse any suspicion at all to a non-critical eye.
Fake facebook profile and friend request
Fake facebook profile and friend request
Trying to ascertain the possibility of this person somehow knowing me, I tried to dig into the profile to find out more information.  The occupation listed under the about section of the profile shows the occupation as pharmacist and the location as North Carolina. Well, I don’t have any connection to this field of work or to the location that this profile claims this lady belongs to. So, it became clear that there was connection whatsoever and this was a case of fraud.
The  only factor that forced me to find out more about this facebook profile was that under friends of the profile, it shows 1 mutual friend. Indeed one of my facebook friends with whom I am associated through one of the educational institutes where I studied was added as a friend on this profile. The person (mutual friend) is a middle aged man retired from public service. I don’t know and do not even want to guess as to how this person became friends of this facebook profile. That is a personal choice and so, I don’t want to dwell to much onto it.
After taking a look at the  timeline of this profile it became clearly evident that it was a fake profile. Lots of Indian men from different walks of life and different age groups had been sent friend request by this profile. Many of those people had commented admiringly on the few photos that were posted of this supposed lady from North Carolina who worked as a pharmacist. It was also evident that many of those people like my fiend had decided to accept the friend request although they were first astonished at the prospects of a stranger lady from the US approaching them for friendship.
Now, why am I hyperventilating on a fake facebook profile of a western woman sending friend requests to Indian men? Well, there is a reason behind it and that reason concerns the safety of the nation.

Social media Honey traps used by enemy to find out vital defense information

As far as I can think, I believe this is a fake profile made by Pakistan’t ISI to break into the network of the Indian armed forces processionals. Well, you can find some retired veterans to have already fallen prey to this trick. We all know that such tricks have been used by ISI as a honey trap to break into the security of our defense installations.
There had been many cases in the recent past where social media profiles of women were used as honey trap to trap defense personnel into their net for implementing covert operations of ISI. Here are a few links:

How to tackle this menace

It is very easy to tackle this problem. We just need to be aware of their ways of working and highlight those profiles to alert our friends and family. Whenever you receive a from anyone who looks interesting but doesn’t seem to be a part of your general network, e.g. school, college, place of work etc., please become cautious and ask around the people who are listed as mutual friend on the profile of the person who sent you the friend request.
If you accept friend request from such profiles, you make these profiles look genuine and prompt your real network of friends to accept friend request from such profiles too (as your profile is shown as a mutual friend of that profile). This is how they are able to cast their net wider and devise ways to hurt the country from the inside.
So, please be cautious and help make the nation safe. After all it is our duty to help in any way we can.

My answer to: Did Modi dig his own political grave – DNA of Bihari people

Did Narendra Modi blame the Bihari DNA Bihar Assembly elections 2015
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Did Narendra Modi blame the Bihari DNA Bihar Assembly elections 2015
Did Narendra Modi blame the Bihari DNA

I have tried to answer the question on quora as to has narindra Modi dig his own political grave by commenting on the DNA of the Bihari people during one of the public speeches he made as a prelude to BJP’s campaign for the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar. Here is a re post of the answer I wrote there..


Although I don’t consider myself qualified enough to answer this question about DNA, as I don’t have the knowledge of genetics and I don’t have a particularly scientific background at all.

I am making an attempt to answer this question just because it is about the DNA of a Bihari, as I am also one, if that was a term you would like to describe a person who was born in the physical boundary of the state of Bihar as it has been demarcated since India got independence from the British rule. I would like to make it clear that I consider myself a Bhartiya first, and then anything else.

Now talking about the “DNA of a Bihari”, well, let us first find out if this is what PM Modi said when he spoke during that public speech he delivered to which this statement is being attributed to. Well, what he said was, “corruption is in their DNA”. Before this statement he was talking about the alliance of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad, and this statement was made in continuation to that. So, what he said was that, corruption is in the DNA of Nitish and Lalu.

The literal meaning of DNA should not be taken in this statement. This statement means that it is their character to be corrupt.

The first thing to bring to the notice of the novices is that DNA of each and every individual is different. No two individuals in the world except identical twins have the same DNA. So, how come these people, the grand alliance of the corrupt, are attributing the meaning of the statement of PM Modi to mean that he was talking about the whole Bihari population.

Now, as I have said above, this claim by the Nitish and Lalu combine has not given any support to them and has not resulted into any outcome like Modi digging his own political grave or something akin to that. This claim has only shows the shallowness of the political game that Nitish and Lalu are playing. Their only goal is to come to power without caring about the plight of the Bihari people.

The BJP and PM Modi have been stressing on the need of development and that is what is being set as the plank on which the upcoming assembly elections will be fought.

The Bihari people are aware of their DNA, if you would like to take the same meaning as Nitish and Lalu want us to understand. We know our glorious past from the times of the benevolent king Karna to the Chandragupta Maurya to Ashoka the Great to Chanakya to Aryabhatta to the Buddha to Mahavir and the universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila.

We know how to take the state forward and this time we are not going to be fooled by the supposedly innocent face of Nitish and the foolhardy of Lalu.

This election the Biharis are going to support the BJP with full force and help India grow at an unprecedented pace by becoming the engine of growth for the nation. This is what the DNA of the Bihari is and we will achieve that for sure, and no Nitish or Lalu or Rahul / Sonia can stop us this time.

This article was first published on Quora