Food Security Bill / Ordinance 2013

Social impact through public policy making in India – food security ordinance

Is the food security bill / ordinance what the UPA…

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Poverty Line in India 2013

Poverty Line in India, a game of fooling the poor

The planning commission of India has yet again redefined the…

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Depreciating Indian Rupee against US Dollar

Depreciating Rupee is a “Beat or Treat” for India

As we keep our eyes focused on the trend of…

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Usage of Google Glass in Logistics

Technology in Logistics – Google glass as a audio and display device

Technology in logistics is ever evolving and has been able…

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Automobiles manufacturing - ultimate factories - lamborghini

Automobiles manufacturing the traditional way – watch “Ultimate Factories – Lamborghini”

It was quite surprising to note that the Lamborghini, one…

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creative Imagination – how to develop

Creativity is the mother of invention. And that is what…

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Quora Question Why is the RSS Antinational

My answer to: Why is RSS antinational? on Quora

How can someone think that the RSS is an anti-national…

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Fake facebook profile and friend request

How to save your nation using facebook

If you accept friend request from such profiles, you make…

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Bihar assmbly elections 2015: the game of opinion polls

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Did Narendra Modi blame the Bihari DNA Bihar Assembly elections 2015

My answer to: Did Modi dig his own political grave – DNA of Bihari people

I have tried to answer the question on quora as…

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The four agreements - by Don Miguel Ruiz

Book review – the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

After having read the book cover to cover I never…

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